A new danger lurks in the storm…

All I wanted was the perfect quiet Christmas in our new home with my growing family. A huge tree, cookies, carols, you know… some basic frickin’ Yuletide cheer. Of course, because we’re Liz and Bryan “The Blizzard” Marsh, nothing can go to plan.

First, we agree to take in Bryan’s cousin Dani for the winter. In the cult of moody teenagers, she is their Queen. I’d hoped we could connect, but to say we haven’t gotten along would be the understatement of the century.

Then there’s the Market Price Pyro, a local arsonist who is torching buildings all over town. Cops can’t stop him and no one knows what to do. I don’t care what Bryan says. Even though we haven’t been directly targeted, I know we’re linked in some way.
And to top it all off, Mother Nature has veered the storm of the century right to our front door. With a three-day blizzard barreling down on Tellure Hollow, we’re forced to evacuate everyone in town to the Powder Mountain lodge. As the resort caretakers, Bryan and I try to make Christmas as comfortable as we can.

Once we settle into the lodge to wait out the storm, strange things start to happen. It’s only when we’re completely snowed in I start to wonder… Maybe by trying to keep everyone safe from the storm, we’ve put them at even greater danger.

Trapped  is a standalone romantic thriller that takes place after Stalked. The books in the Blizzard series can be read individually, but are best read in order.


“Once again you didn’t disappoint, when i thought your story of Liz and Bryan couldn’t get any better you smashed it with this one, loved the story, the suspense, the mystery then finally putting it all together, love the new characters Dani and Miah looking forward to their book, if you are going to read this i recommend you read the prequel first. A christmas story with a difference, well done Adele, you had me captured from the start yet again xx” – Michele

“I really enjoyed this series. I like how Trapped with the Blizzard story line kept you guessing who the arsonist could be. I also like how Dani was portrayed as young adult trying to see where she fits in in her troubled life of unfortunate events. I also enjoyed the love/hate relationship between Dani and Liz. But in the end you can feel how much Dani has matured though being trapped in a blizzard. It’s a great love story with attitudes, stressful situations, comedy and true devotion to people they care about and love.” – Leah Sherrod

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