A succubus’ power; to control, or even kill, a man with my will. Is this what I’ve always wanted? The strength to erase years of fear? Or is it simply the promise of a new life that sounds so appealing?

Incubus, succubus, alone, or with someone by my side. I don’t know who to trust, but of one thing I’m absolutely sure. I will finally take back control over my life and live it by my rules.
Or, I will die trying.

Rian has vanished, Maisie is in desperate trouble, the incubus clans are on the brink of collapse, and I’m helpless to control any of it.

I fear I’ve lost her. Even after revealing every dark secret surrounding Rachel, she still runs from me. And without her, what is the point? What is any of this struggling worth?


“I loved this trilogy, but this last book was totally amazing. I don’t know where the author gets her ideas but this book was non stop drama and action. There wasn’t a slow page that would allow me to put it down. I hope to read more of the Kael brothers and Maizie and friends.” – John G.

“Wonderful third installment! This author kept me on my toes! Just when I thought I had an idea where she was headed, BAM, twist I didn’t expect. I loved every minute of it too. I wanted to yell at Masie, Xander, and everyone in between at times. Then others I wanted to do a happy dance.
I didn’t always think Masie would make it as the female lead but she became my favorite heroine. She has such a humanity and emotional struggle that you can relate to.” – Mary Meredith