Everything Lauren has worked for has led to this.

MyBFC is on the brink of launching and Lauren has to decide if she is willing to leave New York City to make it a reality.

Someone isn’t happy with the choices she’s making. With a violent and invasive stalker tracking her every move and her relationship with Landon up in the air, Lauren turns to the only person she knows can protect her. Damon Kael. Can she resist the power he has over her?

Sparks fly when Landon and Nick finally come face to face. And has Parker finally gone too far?

Will she find the inner power she needs to demolish those who stand in her way? Will she find Damon or Landon at her side? Will Lauren succeed in both business and love or will she have to make a difficult sacrifice?

This series contains adult language, sex, mild violence, and cliffhangers! 😉 This is book 5 of 5, all out now!.


More than a pretty face

I read this under the guise of a romance, but this has so much action, intrigue, espionage,etc. Loved it! Lauren and Landon are hot; their chemistry is amazing. This is so much more. Just great!” – Goodreads reviewer

“What a brilliant set of books Playing for Power is, read all 5 books in 9 days” – Diane Copland

“Really enjoyed reading this book and all of the series could not put them down when I had finished one could not wait to see what happened in the next book would love to know what Ali has really been up to” – Miss Joanne Wildman

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