This penultimate book will leave you panting!

Lauren starts to question how well she really knows Landon DeWitt. Can she truly trust this handsome businessman, especially after the stunt he pulled with Sahra? How can she be sure he’ll always work in her best interests?

During a whirlwind weekend trip to San Francisco, Lauren and Landon take the time to really get to know each other…

After a stressful meeting with the advisers, she begins to question why anyone would want to invest in her company. Once the MyBFC prototype comes in, it’s full steam ahead. Now, she just has to worry about extracting herself from StyleSpur without drawing the wrath of Parker.

Can Lauren keep fighting now that she’s so close to realizing her dream? Who will be there for her once the dust settles?


“Wow what more can I say I’m so hooked on this whole series that I read 2 books in night. It keeps you wanting to know more that you just have to read one more chapter. Then before you know it, it’s 4.30 in the morning and you fight with yourself to put it down and get some sleep. Really 1000% recommend” – Andrea Iggleden

“Great books loved the twists n turns in the story the love that grew was lovely done so well,great series” – susiedey

“This series has just heated up. This book has gotten to the meat of things. Lauren’s relationships have changed pace. The company is coming along. Now a n anonymous threat. Come on book 5!!” – Goodreads reviewer