The twists and turns continue!

Heartbroken and lonely, Lauren only wants to focus on work so a work trip to the Bay Area is the perfect break. Throwing herself into her new fashion concept is the only way she can get over Nick…that is, until she meets entrepreneur Landon DeWitt. Sexy, confident, hugely successful and a powerful player in the industry, Lauren is shocked when he invites her to stay at his Sonoma vacation house for the Fourth of July weekend.

With Ali at her side, she agrees to the trip, telling herself she’s doing what’s right for StyleSpur, that it’s only business. An investment from Landon would skyrocket the company, but it’s not StyleSpur he’s interested in.

All her dreams could come true yet she can’t deny the attraction between them. She might not have been looking for him, but Landon could be just the thing she needs. How can she choose between love and success? Maybe she can have a little fun before she has to?


“Adele has done it again! This book was even better than the first! I live how the story is following her through her career and all the hiccups that come along with it. I am torn between wanting her to follow her dream or should she go for Langdon.. Not a fan of Nick since he walked out on her like he did.. Guess I will have to wait until the next book to find out!” – Michele Lee

“I have been given the opportunity to get the Arc copy of this bookto review. Hooked beyond all belief. This is by the sexiest story yet. Landon is omg swoon worthy. The absolute perfect man for Lauren. He is her soulmate in my eyes. I hope in the next book they get to be together. Parker is a weasle that deserves what he gets.” – Cathy Guadagnino