“Dear Liz, I’m your biggest fan. I’d kill to meet you!”

Check the back of your lift ticket and you’ll see something like, WARNING: Alpine skiing is hazardous and involves the risk of physical injury or death. I think I should come with the same warning. WARNING: Liz Croyden is hazardous to your health…

The wedding is on hold, we drained the savings, all because I had a crazy desire to become an alpine ski racer. What the hell was I thinking? Between all the media attention and the lasting scars from Kayla and Rick, Bryan and I are still trying to figure out how our lives fit together. I can’t help but feel a rift growing between us, though he’d never admit to it. My handsome, wonderful, supportive Blizzard. And while my career is taking off, his… well, he is making great strides in physical therapy. I’m sure he’ll be racing again soon.

Right before we leave for the big race in New Zealand, I get this creepy letter in the mail. A photo with my eyes cut out and a handwritten note: #10 See you then! Just a fan? Maybe the competition trying to screw with my head? Or is it something more sinister? As the letters count down, following us half way around the world and into my life, I’m left wondering… What happens when we reach #1?


“What can I say…. Except perfect. I read this one as an arc & bought it as well. Loved this series from the opening of the first book to the phrase of devoted. Brian and Liz are a fun couple to follow thru their relationship ups and downs. Can not wait to see what Adele comes up with next.” – Heather

“I loved this book! Adele never ceases to write a great story! I love how she keeps you hooked throughout the whole book. And I loved following the story of Liz and Bryan. I can’t wait to keep following Adele on her writing journey because I will never be disappointed and I will be guaranteed a page turner!” – Michele