The thrilling conclusion to Caught

It’s time I accept I might never get away. Moving half way across the country didn’t work. Getting him thrown in prison didn’t either. Rick isn’t the kind of guy who is going to let me escape. Forget what I saw reflected in Bryan’s eyes…turns out all of that was a lie. It’s better to keep my head down, make it through my birthday, and learn to accept this is the person I really am. Elizabeth, Beth, Lizzie, Liz—forget the name. When it comes right down to it, I’m still the same scarred, drug-dealing prostitute. Better to accept it, forget about Bryan, and survive.

How could I have let her get away? By not coming to terms with my past and who I am, I might’ve just lost out on one of the most amazing women I’ve ever known. This was never the way I wanted her to learn about what happened, to hear about who I was as “The Blizzard.” I’ve changed…I’m just not sure how yet. If she’d only let me explain! There must be some way I can get her to understand, but until then, I’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe, even if she keeps me at a distance. With Noah and Rick hanging around, that might be easier said than done…


“I read quite a lot of books and this is a really good 2 books series. This is a new author for me and I love her books now. I enjoyed the setting and the author does a wonderful job of combining an exciting story line with a beautiful setting. Highly recommend!” – Amazon reviewer

“I was totally addicted to this book! it took over my world! I had no idea which was the book was going to go. I’d not read any reviews so I did not realise it had such a thriller element to it. I would not normally choose a thriller but as this had the love triangle mixed in I really really enjoyed it. And with out spoiling anything I must say I loved the ending. perfect!” – Sarah Place

“A must read!! wow what a great end to this series of books, i couldn’t put it down till i had finished, i didn’t see the twist coming at all, but loved every bit of it, Well done Adele for a thrilling, exciting, gripping pair of books.” – Karen Wood