Romance Rocks is a fun way for incredibly awesome readers, bloggers, and authors to show our love for the romance community. If every person who enters agrees to gift the winner $1, we are definitely going to make some dreams come true!

The honor system. By entering your name, you are agreeing to gift $1 to the randomly chosen winner. You don’t have to pay anything to enter nor are you under any real obligation to contribute the dollar after the drawing.

But that’s not in the spirit of the whole thing! The more people who enter, the more individual dollars there are, and the more fun we can have!

Simply enter your name and a valid email address. It has to be a real email address and one you can check. How sad would it be to win and not find out?!

Also, make sure any emails from land in your inbox, not spam :)

The easiest way to donate your dollar is through PayPal or GoogleWallet. Make sure you have your preferred account set up before the drawing!

I looked at dozens of different services, but I believe the easiest and most fair is using Google Forms to collect entries, and a randomizer to select the winner. This is the plugin I’ll be using.

Because no one is collecting any money prior to entry, or holding any money as a cash prize, this is not a lottery. The winner is chosen at random and it is down to the community to hold to the agreement of donating a dollar.

There is no way of knowing. The more people who enter, the more possibility there is of dollar donations. Because this hinges on the generosity of strangers, and sometimes strangers can be, well… strange, it’s impossible to predict.

However, I know this romance community kicks ass and for sure most everyone will hold up their end of the bargain!

So, if 10,001 people enter and all send you a buck, that’s $10,000!

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