My own nickname

I’m quick to pass judgment on everyone else, so it’s only fair I give myself a nickname for the fiasco I just created.

Hi! Great to meet you. I’m Miss Pukes-on-Dick. Vivid imagery, huh? I’ll spare you the gory details. Suffice to say, as of this morning, there now exists a man out there who has his own dating horror story… thanks to me. But don’t worry… this man will be the last because Miss Pukes-on-Dick is officially coming off the market.

I wish I could reach out and explain that he met me on one of my worst days, but he’s already deleted me. Last night was terrible in ways I can’t even remember and I’m almost afraid to ask anyone who might know. But this poor guy caught the brunt of those poor decisions…

Maybe this hangover is making me soft, but I can’t help but look back at all these other dates I’ve had that turned out horribly. Maybe I judged them too early and without all the information.

Or maybe this city really is filled with freaks.

Of which I am now one.

Love, A very woozy Talia

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