My 5 goals for Chronicles of a Serial Dater

With the first book in the series coming out Wednesday, here are a list of 5 things I had in mind when starting this project!

  • Kicking perfectionism in the balls

It doesn’t matter if I’m plotting, writing, or editing… my need for everything to be perfect slows the whole process down. But I can’t get out of my own fucking way. I’ll agonize over a plot twist for hours while inside I’m quietly melting down because I’ve only written thirty words for the day. Not that I haven’t put my heart into these books and characters, but I wanted to focus more on the fun of the story than creating a literary masterpiece. Which leads to…

  • Stay in the shallow end

I don’t know what it is, but I always get too deep with my work. It’s not a bad thing, but I wanted to make a point of writing something flitty and fun this time. My Wicked books were originally supposed to be like that, only a lot more erotic. You know, just a simple story about a couple sex demon brothers who run a sex club! Fun! But then it got dark and moody and definitely deep. I love where it ended up going and wouldn’t change a thing, but I wanted CoaSD to stay on track.

I think we’ve managed to do that. Designed to be quick, easy reads like short episodes in  your favorite TV show, this series is different from anything I’ve released before. But then again, aren’t I always doing that? :)

  • Get readers involved

I’m a serial monogamist. Literally two months after swearing off men and declaring I was happily single, I met my husband. Whoops. While I could’ve used my fiction muscles to come up with a few bad dates for poor Talia, nothing compares to the real-life shitshow that you all shared with me. I can’t even believe some of these things happened!! And I’m not gonna say which one, but Savan even had one of these dating mishaps happen to her!

I’m always getting ahead of myself with ideas, coming up with fun interactive ways that readers could join in or get bonus material, but this is the first time I’ve actually committed to something so big. And soon you’ll be reading the Chronicles of a Serial Dater blog, possibly commenting and/or sharing posts, which makes the fiction blog REAL!! It’s almost like writing a second book in many ways! Getting into Talia’s head to create the blog posts made writing the books that much easier.

  • Deadline, deadline, deadline

This is just a personal thing for me really. I created a Google calendar that mapped out exactly when I’d start and finish the first draft of each book, the second, the edits, the formatting, when to put them up for pre-order… compared to my usual system, it was like trying to synchronize a space launch. But I wanted to prove to myself I could stick to a schedule and meet deadlines, even self-imposed ones.

I’m only a little behind schedule… and I can’t stick to a word limit to save my damn life.

  • Co-authoring

Okay. Truth time. Working with Savan has been amazing. Absolutely amazing. I didn’t have any real hesitations going into the project, but I still didn’t know what to expect. I’ve never co-authored anything before and the whole thing was new to the both of us. But just like any great relationship, we compliment each other perfectly. I get excited every time I see she’s added something or put up a note on a section I’d written the day before. Our brainstorming sessions are freakin’ hilarious! Being an author can get kind of lonely but doing it together has made it so much fun :)

And I’m not just saying that because she’s gonna read this. Hi Savan!!


Thought you’d enjoy a little insight into my hopes and dreams for this series! I can’t wait to get the party started Wednesday!!!

Get your copy of CoaSD 1 here!


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