It’s simple dickonomics

“Dick is abundant and low value.”

This article came from the funniest source, my friend the resident lesbian, but it’s something I so desperately needed to read. Because it’s true. Very freakin’ true. collection of dicks

The point is simple. There are so many men out there, especially for those of us lucky enough to be dating in one of the biggest urban centers in the world. If a guy rubs you the wrong way (literally or figuratively), dump him. There are 10 more waiting right behind.

As women, we’re taught to be kind and humble and empathetic, always caring about making sure people are comfortable. We’re fed these Disney stories about true love and staying true to a man through all rough patches because that’s what a good woman does.

Belle, the Beast KIDNAPPED YOU! Ariel, Eric doesn’t even know you exist! AND, you’ve literally had to give up your voice just to be with him. Symbolism much??

I was so, so careful when I first started Tinder swiping. Maybe I’d accidentally swipe my soulmate off the page and into the universe forever. Now? I’m so battle weary the tiniest red flag will send my thumb a-swiping.

Dick is abundant and low value. Say it with me. Dick is abundant and low value. 

You’re welcome, Talia


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