I am not a company…

… and my books are not branded products.

Being an author is a lonely sort of endeavor. It’s isolating. Me, my thoughts, the keyboard, and limited distractions so the three can work in harmony. Aside from my close friends and family, I’m pretty much a hermit. Like many authors, I reach out to my readers for conversation and general human contact. 99.999999% of the time I enjoy these interactions, but recently…

I had a reader email me (which I love) with a complaint (which is welcome) that really got under my skin. This was days ago and it finally irritated me to the point I wanted to address it.

Have you ever had a passive aggressive friend? They’ll say things like, “You got your hair cut! It looks so much better now.” And at first you think, Oh, how nice! They’re paying me a compliment. But the comment will niggle the back of your mind until you realize, What a little shit. She just said my hair used to look like shit in a backwards way. This is what that email was like. I’m not going to quote it, but this was the basic tone.

I just read XXXX and your other books are soooo much better. You should write those other books more and not waste your time. Just a little friendly advice. I’d buy more if you did.

aca scuse me


Pitch Perfect always knows what to say.

I write what I write because I want to write it. Some authors want to be known for one thing. There are authors who write only cowboy romances, others that are really into step-brother stories. That’s totally cool, whatever works for them. There’s a certain comfort knowing what you’ll get when you pick up a Nicolas Sparks’ novel.

But I’m never going to be that for you. Ever. If you can’t tell by the books I’ve published already, I have varied taste. Paranormal, New Adult, Suspense, Contemporary. When a concept for a story sticks with me, demanding to be written, I have to give in. Liz, from the Tellure Hollow series, was like that. A very clear picture of her came to me as I was falling asleep one night… her short bio and personality. I’ve developed the stories afterwards, but she practically forced my hand she was so demanding.

Right now, I have an idea for a story that would make Mr. Sparks tear up and I can’t stop thinking about it. I won’t be able to ignore this one and eventually, it will be written. Yet another genre to nick into my belt.

It’s probably a really shitty way to approach my business but that’s because I don’t write for the money. I tell the stories only I can tell, in the way I tell them, and hope you’ll enjoy them. Sometimes you will, sometimes you won’t, and that’s okay with me! Thankfully, you read more than one book a year and one of my books will hopefully entertain you!

I know I’m not totally insane because there’s a big core of you wonderful readers who truly “get” it and I can’t thank you enough. You validate my specific brand of crazy! :)

Sorry for the mini-rant ramble, but I needed to get it out! Better out than in, right? And now I want to go binge watch Pitch Perfect 1&2…

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