Destiny, danger, and downhill skiing!

My double mastectomy was the second hardest thing I’ve ever done. The first? Watching Dad bury my mom, taken far too young by breast cancer. He raised me, paid for my surgery, and was the best father a girl could ask for. He even had to sell their first home to keep us afloat, something I knew broke his already shattered heart again. I just wanted the money to buy it back. I’ve done so many wrong things for the right reasons and now it’s catching up with me. A peaceful winter in Tellure Hollow was exactly what I needed. I’d learn how to ski, rock the snow bunny style, and reconnect with my best friend Kayla. It was all perfect until my ex Rick showed up, fresh out of prison, demanding I make good on our… arrangement. I don’t know how I’m going to get out of this one.
Then I meet a gorgeous guy, scarred on the inside and out just like me… and something clicks. Maybe I can start down a different path, begin a new life, and leave the old me behind. Maybe, with him, I’ll have a chance to heal these wounds.

I’m lost and broken. I can’t do the one thing I was built for: skiing. Competitive, Olympic-level, set-the-snow-on-fire skiing. Who the hell am I if I’m not The Blizzard? I’ve lost my career, my dad, my fiancé, my path in life. A quiet season in Tellure Hollow surrounded by old friends will be better than any therapy I’ve tried. The snow, the mountain, even if I’m stuck on the bunny slope, it’ll be better than nothing.
How was I to know a beautiful, bold brunette could be just the thing to heal my heart? We both have pasts we’d rather forget. If I can keep her safe, maybe we can start a new life, a life after “The Blizzard”?


“I loved this book! Adele Huxley incorporated romance and thriller into this novel. The characters are intense and the real life circumstances are what kept me glued to the pages. The story between Bryan and Liz is one of breaking down walls and letting others in. A tragic past is never easy to get over, but these two make it seem it is always possible. Awesome Adele!” – Bookoholic and More Blog

“This book was so much better than I anticipated it to be. Very strong, likable characters. It wasn’t all about sex, it had a very good story to it. The second book in this series is even better. It will answer any questions you may have at the end of the first book.” – Jodi Dukette

“Wow! What a great read! Couldn’t put it down! Liz and Bryan both have troubled pasts that led them to this small town. A chance encounter leads to a serious attraction. The chemistry between these two is delicious! Cannot wait to see what happens next!” – Kim Hamacher