It’s not all fun and games

A “good girl” figure skater and her hunky long-lost friend unravel a plot to destroy the Winter Unity Games. As their relationship heats up, so does the danger. Accidents, fires, and sabotage threaten their hopes to medal… and survive.

Genre: Action-Adventure, Mystery, Suspense, a touch of sports
Perfect if you love: Strong women, a blend of romance/drama/humor, friends-to-lovers, a great cast of secondary characters, the Olympics, and romance series!
Ending: Happily For Now (Series concludes in Platinum – Dangerous Games 4)

More: Figure skater, control freak, and all around “good girl” Elle hoped the world’s biggest winter sports competition would change her life forever. She’s been working so hard, sacrificing so much. But she never expected this.
Boarder-X racer, party animal, and bonafide “hunk” Ethan figured the Italian Alps would make his heart race. Girls, glory, and gold. But he never imagined this.
A van runs into a crowd. Equipment tampered with. Fires, accidents, mayhem. This isn’t a poorly managed competition. A pattern forms, drawing a picture of conspiracy. Will he and Elle uncover the truth before it’s too late?

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