ARC Angels

Attention all Adele Huxley and romantic suspense fans! Are you ready to earn your halo and wings?


Join Adele’s A.R.C. Angels and help spread the latest Huxley news. Already interested? Awesome!

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I like to read romance books, but what the heck is this all about? I get a free book??

My ARC Angels are a great group of fans who have come together to help get my books in front of new readers. When you become an ARC Angel, you will get my latest release before¬†anyone else! All you need to do is leave an honest review. It’s that simple. You receive your free book, leave a review when the book is available to the public, and that’s it!

That sounds great, but I REALLY like your books. Isn’t there more I can do?

Why yes, yes there is!¬†All ARC Angels are invited to join my private Facebook group, Adele Huxley’s Heroines!


This is the place for anyone looking to help spread Adele Huxley news far and wide! Teasers, contests, and exclusive giveaways. It’s brand new but I have big plans! Lots of random acts of kindness, fun games, book discussions, and more! This isn’t just about me… this is a group for any amazing person who loves to talk and share! Books, life, love… you’ll find it all in there!