Adele Huxley writes romance with strong men and and even stronger women. No alpha-holes here. Her unique, flawed characters always seem to find themselves caught up in┬áheart-racing┬ásituations. Some series are realistic and contemporary, others are suspenseful and action-packed, but all come with a story line you can’t walk away from.

Adele grew up in rural Pennsylvania where cows outnumber people. Even though she swore up and down she’d live in Miami when she got older, she now finds herself living where the sheep outnumber people by an even greater margin. Now, she splits her time between the US and UK.

She earned a BA in creative writing with an eye to becoming a teacher, but took another path instead. Adele has been writing her entire life and gets a little itchy when she can’t put finger to keyboard for a few days.


  • Cats
  • Coffee
  • Tequila
  • Knitting


  • Early mornings
  • Running
  • Books snobs who sneer at romance
  • Liver

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