A happy plotting day to you!


**Actual coffee mug that helps me write (and plot) like a mofo!

Today and tomorrow are my favorite kind of days. It’s just me, my massive whiteboards, the smell of dry erase markers, buckets of coffee, and my imagination. I crawl deep inside of my own head and meet new characters, reconnect with old ones, decide where and what they want to do.

Not every part of writing a book is fun. Formatting the manuscript so it looks uniform and pretty and professional eats easily two days of my life every. single. time. On the plus side, I usually invent a couple clever curse words during this stage!

Sitting down to write every single day, even on weekends, even on holidays… it can be the best thing in the world (and 99% of the time it is) but there are days when I would rather be doing anything else. But it needs to be done! I need to be the word machine that sits down and churns out words, sentences, paragraphs, pages, chapters… piece by piece it will get there.

But today! OOOOH, how I love today! There are always surprises, too. An old character will come to the surface and demand for another part of her story to be told. It’s like an old friend dropping by for tea and saying, “You will NOT believe what just happened to me.” New ones will appear, mysterious but fascinating, and I won’t stop thinking about them. Liz from Caught by the Blizzard, Saved by the Blizzard, and Devoted to the Blizzard was like that for me. She came to me in the middle of the night and I knew I had to write about her.

I realize this all sounds a little insane and I’m cool with that. It takes a smidge of insanity to do what I do :)

So, who knows what’ll happen next!! Do you have an old characters you’d like to see again? Any locations you’d like me to return to? Comment on Facebook or email me! I’d love to hear your suggestions.

Now. I have some coffee to consume 😉

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