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The games we play…
We like to test the strength of our relationships. Does he really love me? Is she faithful? Am I wasting my time? But some of these games don’t just test the limits of our bonds. Some games are a matter of life and death. How well do you know your partner?
Captured and bound…
Kidnapped and held captive, the only thing that will guide Dani Marsh to safety is trust… a rare commodity in her world. Her life hinges on the way she navigates the games she is forced to play for her freedom but…
Who can she trust?
The fame-hungry, money-obsessed boyfriend who has recently shown a dark manipulative side? Or the gorgeous stranger she’s been locked up with for weeks? A man with a tortured past and scars she can so easily relate to…maybe a little too well.
Dani has one chance to escape but only if she’s sure of where her trust falls.

Trust Falls is a standalone thriller in the Tellure Hollow world. All Tellure Hollow novels are filled with action, suspense, romance, and the kind of endings that leave you satisfied!

Approx 81,000 words

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